Taylor Swift’s “Mean” to Be Featured on “Glee”

Taylor Swift’s “Mean” to Be Featured on “Glee” Tuesday Night 14 May 2012

Taylor Swift fans will want to make sure and tune in to Tuesday night’s two-hour episode of Glee on Fox. The first hour will be called “Props” and features a story line in which the character Tina bumps her head and is plunged into an alternate reality. All the kids appear to swap bodies as a result. Tina imagines herself as Rachel, and sees Puck as Blaine, Mr. Schue as Sue, Rory as Sam, Sugar as Quinn, Rachel as herself and so on.


Coach Bieste is actually the one who sings Taylor’s song “Mean” in this part of the show. The two-hour special also includes songs by Celine Dion, Meat Loaf and Nicki Minaj. Lindsay Lohan is also set to appear on the show as a judge at the Nationals competition in the second hour. Copyright 2012 ABC News Radio


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2 thoughts on “Taylor Swift’s “Mean” to Be Featured on “Glee”

  1. The second I heard about Glee’s body swap episode—the first episode in tonight’s two-hour extravaganza—I assumed my friend was joking about it. “No,” he said. “It’s real.” And he linked to a news report that explained how Tina would hit her head and come to see herself as Rachel, and everybody else in the cast would swap roles as well. I had fears that the entire episode would be dominated by this device—which could have quickly grown tiresome—or that it would just be a five-second gag—which would have been a lot of hype for nothing. Instead, the show splits the difference and spends about five-to-10 minutes having everybody swap lives before it gets back to the business of whatever it has to do. The episode’s an Ian Brennan special—he both wrote and directed—and it plays well to his strengths of acid comedy and sad stories of small-town teenagers who’ll never get anything but to sweat it out on the streets of a runaway American dream. But the body swap thing ends up just feeling like a totally odd curiosity that comes out of nowhere. Seriously. I’m not sure what it’s meant to accomplish, other than being the sort of thing people who work on a time-intensive TV show come up with late in the third season, when they all want to either take a nap or murder each other.

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