Generoso Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals


After five years of combining the Central Luzon region, in 1978, David established a company called Generoso Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals or GPC with Elizabeth a business associate, Rafael Buenaventura who was a salesman like David. The team set up shop at the Generoso residence in Tarlac. —–>1978 and in 1988 – GPC engage in the contract manufacturing of pharmaceutical products for both the domestic and export markets and the Generics Bill came in.

The Generoso pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Inc. is an industry where selling the Medicine and Drugs etc. that owned by David with Elizabeth and Rafael. The problems of this industry are how to make compete to the other Pharmaceuticals industry, because those days there are many industries that sell the same product, How to make and generate their funds and how low will be stay in the Pharmaceuticals industry.


How will GPC stay in competition in pharmaceutical industry in the Philippines?
How will generate funds to continue with the project?
What will be the effect of the Generic Bill if they will continue to do the project?

To know and determine the action of Generoso Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals in order to stay in the business.
To be able to generate funds for the implementation of the project.
To know the advantages and disadvantages of implementation of the Generic Bill in Generoso Pharmaceuticals and Chemical, Inc.


* Competitors, Potential Substitutes and Potential Entrants
Potential competitors are not limited to the firms considering offering exactly the same or differential products or services; substitutes to the existing products and services are also potential threat.
* Buyers and Suppliers
The competitive situation of the business is influenced by the nature of its transactions with its buyers and suppliers.
* Governmental Intervention / Generic Acts of 1988
There are governmental institutions that as a component of the general environment, affect not only one industry.

CONCLUSION If there is a time constraint for drafting a policy due to the need to take advantage of a favourable political climate for its adoption, it may be best to introduce an interim measure which can later be refined through more extensive consultation. Consultations should build the capacity of local communities to make informed decisions and allow them to discuss the issues amongst themselves before they provide a response. They should also be facilitated by people who are trusted by the community, and conducted in accordance with community decision making processes.

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