Chrissy Costanza ( Against the Current Band Vocalist)

Hi everyone I’ve just checking videos recently on YouTube and i find this girl and her band –Chrissy Costanza, she’s very beautiful in her videos and more look alike like Barbie.. while watching their video i’ve got curious so i get a little research on her..

Her real name: Christina Nicola Costanza.
Age: 17.
D.O.B: August 23, 1995.
Nicknames: Krispy ♥
Band: Against the Current
Favorite Animal: Lions
Favorite Characters: Vanellope Von Schweetz (from Wreck-It Ralph), Annie (from League of Legends)
Favorite Video Games: League of Legends, Skyrim (but I’m not very good), Fifa, Madden, CoD zombies (I ♥ zombies)
Favorite TV Shows: Arrow, Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries
Favorite Movies: Wreck-It Ralph, Alice in Wonderland, Catch Me if You Can

so if you wanna get to know her better check out her socials:



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