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I am sort of feeling alone today, so I tap a little details of my self here on my blog.

I am Chen, 19 years old and a student. I love watching, listening to sort of music but I prefer mostly country pop, my favorite artist is Taylor Swift as you can see on my old post. I am the youngest among my siblings.

I am sort of a daydreamer.. hahaha just like anybody else. I am a sister, aunt, cousin, friend, neighbor and human to people. I used to be fascinated about outer space “thing” like NASA, but i guess that wasn’t for me.

People who don’t know me think i am shy, strange and hard to go with. My Friends think i am totally insane… sort of..
Me being a friend?, maybe i’m a  possessive, loving, caring, and soft friend. I sometimes get easily jealous about others maybe because i’m too possessive?–kinda?.

I like eating sweets specially chocolate and that explain my size.. hahaha 🙂 I love filipino dishes like adobo, sinigang, menudo and etc.

check me out..
comment below if you wanna know something else about me 🙂